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Since 2002, we have provided media expertise to a select group of companies who seek targeted audiences that foster their mission. Our clients are both large and small, from insurance companies, medical/healthcare professionals, quick service restaurants, lawyers and retailers.


Our relationships are long lasting as we strive to be an integral part of their business success by providing plans of guidance that are pin-point and targeted which leads clients to results.


We truly believe in our clients and this belief fuels our creative energy and proactive personal approach to propel our clients' media projects to greater heights.



We provide our clients with a competitive advantage through compelling media strategies and exceptional executions.  

We are thought leaders in media, where we bring you the latest innovations in advertising communications. Because we specialize in media, our team lives and breathes this business.  We only offer senior media planners and buyers, with a personal focus on your business results.

We’re an independent company beholden only to our clients.  Our recommendations are influenced solely by what’s in our clients' best interest.



Longevity of clients - our reputation and transparency pave the way for long lasting client relationships.

Longevity of staff - the exceptional and experienced media staff are all senior-level media planners and buyers and are trained to service our clients.

Deep media relationships - because we have enjoyed steady growth and have long term relationships on every side of the business, we have a mutual respect with our media vendors whose honesty and integrity are always encouraged and appreciated.

Dedicated market specialists - buyers handle specific geographic markets where they become the market expert and develop invaluable relationships.

No hidden costs - compensation agreement is agreed upon

upfront and through commissions based on placed media.

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